Moving on: The Road to 2014

Hello everyone,

Well I didn't win. I finished 3rd out of 6 people. I received 1134 votes - a lot of support to build-up from (considering those elected received 2294 and 2064 votes respectively). The campaign was a success.

I want to say congrats to the winners: Jeff Burch and Jennie Stevens. The public has voted and I respect their decision. The experience has been amazing and I definitely promise to run again in 2014. This was the first step on the long road to victory.

Between now and 2014, I will work hard in the community and give residents the chance to get to know me better. I will put myself out there.

I want to thank everyone who helped on my campaign or supported it by doing things like taking a lawn sign (which I will start collecting in the next few days), delivering flyer's, or walking in parades. The whole experience would have been impossible without this help. Thank you.

Lastly, I would like people to keep visiting I am going to use this website to promote the Merritton area, including businesses and local residents. I know that even though I did not get elected, I can still make a valuable contribution to the local community.

Please everyone keep in touch.


David Haywood

YOUR Merritton Ward Candidate 2014

PS: If you want to publish a story about Merritton or want to promote a citizen or business in Merritton, please email your suggestions to

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