I have been proud to call Merritton my home for the past 34 years. Prior to that I have memories of visiting my aunts and uncles who had been residents for decades before I was born. I remember swimming in the pool with my cousins on hot summer days, and eating corn and watermelon at the Labour Day Carnival. Good times for sure.

I’ve seen excited kids (my own included) when the golden arches came to Hartzel Rd, and felt the unease of seeing this come down. Sadly the corporate burgermeisters didn’t feel that the Hartzel Rd site was worthy of updating, and the arches came down.

In 2009 I wrote an article for Merritton Matters and received feedback that confirms residents are concerned about the future of Merritton, all of it, not just Hartzel Rd. Concerns forwarded to our city council representatives were either not answered, would get back to me (didn’t happen) or there was no room left on the answering machines for incoming messages. Sadly the issues remain, but it hurts to keep hitting one’s head on the city hall wall.

To our two Veterinarian practices that have taken vacant and unsightly spaces and built beautiful new buildings that fit in nicely with our history and landscape, I say thank you. Thank you for staying in Merritton, thank you for your updates, and I wish you all of the best.

Lastly I have a question. I had attempted to contact one of our counsellors via e-mail today to ask about this, however, the city website contact page is down to be updated. I am the only one that sees some irony in that?

Was the reclaimed land on Hartzel Rd. considered in the location process for the new swimming complex? During the debates in council chambers was there motions brought forward to use this lot that continues to sit empty along Hartzel Rd? Would it have made sense to utilize a space that was large enough for the complex and plenty of parking, rather than tearing down trees in a smallish park in the centre of town?

Just wondering.




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Way back from 1929. You can find the whole paper here. If you have anymore historical articles/pics of Merritton, send them our way please.