Merritton Mills Redevelopment Corp News

Next week, the abandoned railway bridge over Oakdale Ave. near the former Hayes-Dana plant is scheduled to be demolished.

The adjoining earth berms from the CN main line to Abbott St. are also being knocked down. Remnants of the spur line are being eliminated to help make way for a proposed 125-unit housing tract on 10 acres of land between Oakdale Ave. and Hartzel Rd, behind where the new Merritton fire hall is going.

The residential development is on a site that was formerly occupied by outbuildings of the once-sprawling Domtar Paper Mill conglomerate. The property has been vacant for more than 25 years, though, and there was never much chance of it ever being developed for industrial purposes again.

Its existence as a repository for residential development dreams came when Domtar closed in the mid-2000s and the former steam-plant lands were purchased by Merritton Mills Redevelopment Corp.


Hartzel Road Greening

Hello everyone,

The time is approaching for Hartzel Road in Merritton to turn green. The city is turning the road into three lanes (to the equal delight and dismay of local residents) and with this greening initiatives are being considered. Merritton councillor Jeff Burch has expressed his desire to employ the services and thoughts of the St.Catharines Green Committee in this endeavour (which I am Co-Chair along with other Merritton resident Matt Holley). Equally important is involving you, local Merritton residents and businesses, in the planning process. Local stakeholders and their thoughts and opinions are crucial when considering what greening tasks should be undertaken. We are the people who are entrenched and have a vested interest in the improvement of Hartzel Road. We are the ones who live, work, or have businesses in the area. Most importantly, we are the ones that LOVE Merritton and Hartzel Road. A road that is Merritton's main artery and the gateway to the area. We, as Merrittonians, need to express our visions for the greening of Hartzel Road. This is our chance. Ideas need to take into consideration the effective and efficient utilization of the limited space on the edges of the road. Maintenance issues should also be considered. We need to be aware that once the greening takes place that we, as the local stakeholder(s), need to help keep Hartzel Road green. The last thing we need is to do the greening and then let it fall back into disrepair. We need to band together and take an active role with helping Hartzel Road stay green. So, the ball is now rolling -what are your thoughts and opinions. Post them below.


David Haywood


Massive Fireworks Display

Sunday Night September 4, 2011

Merritton Labour Day Parade

Monday September 5, 2011

Parade Assembles at the Pen Centre Glendale Ave.
Parade moves out at 11:00 AM sharp!
The Route follows Glendale Ave east to Hartzel Rd. then north on Hartzel Rd. to Seymour St. east to Carnival Grounds at
Merritton Community Centre

There is no Fee for Entry
To enter a float or other unit in the Parade

Please Contact: Lion George Hostick
33 Cambria Dr. St. Catharines ON L2N 6W3 905-938-8457

Major Draw - Prizes to be determined
Carnival Hours    Fri. 5 to 10 PM / Sat 12 to 10 PM / Sun 12 to 10 PM / Mon 12 to 7 PM
Lioness Nickel Sale -  Draw for 40" LCD TV

Friday 8 to 1 am - Beef on a Bun / Dance
Sunday Fireworks after Dark -Approximately 9:45 PM
Monday - Parade 11 AM / Beer Garden / Bingo 1 to 6 PM
Major Prize Draws 7:00 PM

Fresh Air from Merritton To New York would like to introduce a story by Wendy Haywood. Wendy is a long time resident of Merritton who, along with her husband Robert, is still living and raising a family in the Merritton area. Currently Wendy is a spokesperson for the Fresh Air Fund and she is a wonderful example of how someone from our area is having an impact locally and globally. Here is Wendy's story:

Share The Beauty Of Niagara With An Inner-City Child.

My name is Wendy Haywood and I am a chairperson/host for the Fresh Air Fund. Currently we are seeking volunteer host families who would love to open their homes and their hearts to a New York City child this summer.

The Fresh Air Fund is an independent, not-for-profit agency that was started in 1877 and has provided more than 1.7 million inner-city children the opportunity to enjoy the simple pleasures that Friendly Towns have to offer. This includes exposure to the abundant natural areas we have here in Niagara that we, as local residents, take for granted but children in New York City do not have the same opportunity to enjoy. Thousands of Fresh Air Children join volunteer host families in 13 Northeastern States and Canada, allowing them to escape the heat and the noise of busy streets for simple pleasures as small as running barefoot through the grass or gazing up at the stars at night. Again, things we take for granted here but things these children cannot always experience in the city where they live.

My family, which includes my husband Robert, and sons: Ethan 8 years old and Owen 4 years old, host a boy named DJ Burrell from Queens, New York. DJ was 12-years old the first year he came to stay with us in 2009. He is now 14-years old and will be spending his 3rd summer with us this coming July. DJ is now considered a part of our family and we look forward to having him every year! Last summer I witnessed a very special moment between my son, Ethan, and DJ. They were both sitting on the couch and DJ had braids in his hair. Ethan looked up at DJ, and asked him while twisting his curly hair “do you think I can get my hair done like that?" I could see the look of admiration on Ethan’s face as he asked and that brotherly connection is just one of many reasons we love having DJ stay with us.

This summer marks 135 years of fun, friendships, and lasting memories! There are many kids who would love the opportunity to see and enjoy all that Niagara has to offer! Please considered being a host.

Summer 2011 Trip Dates are:

July 06-July 19
July 12-July 19
July 12-July 26
Aug 09-Aug 18

To learn more about hosting a Fresh Air child this summer, please visit or call 1-800-367-0003.



I have been proud to call Merritton my home for the past 34 years. Prior to that I have memories of visiting my aunts and uncles who had been residents for decades before I was born. I remember swimming in the pool with my cousins on hot summer days, and eating corn and watermelon at the Labour Day Carnival. Good times for sure.

I’ve seen excited kids (my own included) when the golden arches came to Hartzel Rd, and felt the unease of seeing this come down. Sadly the corporate burgermeisters didn’t feel that the Hartzel Rd site was worthy of updating, and the arches came down.

In 2009 I wrote an article for Merritton Matters and received feedback that confirms residents are concerned about the future of Merritton, all of it, not just Hartzel Rd. Concerns forwarded to our city council representatives were either not answered, would get back to me (didn’t happen) or there was no room left on the answering machines for incoming messages. Sadly the issues remain, but it hurts to keep hitting one’s head on the city hall wall.

To our two Veterinarian practices that have taken vacant and unsightly spaces and built beautiful new buildings that fit in nicely with our history and landscape, I say thank you. Thank you for staying in Merritton, thank you for your updates, and I wish you all of the best.

Lastly I have a question. I had attempted to contact one of our counsellors via e-mail today to ask about this, however, the city website contact page is down to be updated. I am the only one that sees some irony in that?

Was the reclaimed land on Hartzel Rd. considered in the location process for the new swimming complex? During the debates in council chambers was there motions brought forward to use this lot that continues to sit empty along Hartzel Rd? Would it have made sense to utilize a space that was large enough for the complex and plenty of parking, rather than tearing down trees in a smallish park in the centre of town?

Just wondering.




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Way back from 1929. You can find the whole paper here. If you have anymore historical articles/pics of Merritton, send them our way please.

Critically Thinking About Niagara

Hello Everyone,

Time has passed. Batteries are recharged (...well not completely but enough for the moment). The time has come to become engaged and be a meaningful contributor to the Niagara Region. is looking for residents of the Niagara Region to get involved and write stories with THEIR perspective about the area. Do you want to have your voice heard and your opinion listened to? Social media has cemented its place in our everyday lives and has proven to be a relevant avenue to effectively and efficiently contribute our intellectual capital. wants to be the place to help you achieve this. Do you have an idea that could help St.Catharines, Thorold, Niagara Falls or any other municipality within the Niagara Region? Have any thoughts or ideas which could makes the Region safer for local residents? What about sustainable ways to green the area or help those in need?
Again, wants to hear your thoughts. We want to be a forum that helps the Niagara Region and makes a tangible difference in the everyday lives of residents that reside within this small part of Southern Ontario.
Any topic: local or regional; political or social; personal or point of view -WE WANT IT. The time is ripe for critical thinking concerning the region. Balls to the wall. is ready - ARE YOU.

Any topic is welcome. Send your thoughts and ideas to If you know a business that is new to the area, let us know and we will help to promote it to local residents. We want to help the local economy in any way possible.