All Candidates Debate: The Follow-up.

Hello everyone. I am writing this to inform you about the all candidates debate that occurred last night, October 5th, at old Merritton High School (now Pinehurst private school).

To start, I want to thank Pinehurst for allowing Merritton ward candidates the use of their auditorium for the debate. I want to thank the Merritton Community Group for hosting the debate. Community groups like this are an essential and irreplaceable asset for the residents of any community. Lastly, I want to thank the many residents that attended the event (100 people +).

Hopefully, this event helped residents formulate an open opinion about the candidate that would best represent them on city council. Furthermore, I expect this debate enabled residents the ability to inform their family, friends, and neighbours that voting for me is a vote that benefits the Merritton Community (and the city) the most. Knowledge is powerful. I trust those in attendance were able to achieve a sense of who I am; what I want to do; and how I want to do it. I anticipate they realized that I will have their best interests at heart if I am their representative on St.Catharines City Council.

Measured by the response of those in attendance after the debate, my platform was the most in-depth, researched, mutually beneficial, fiscally responsible, achievable, and realistic platform of all candidates. Residents said that they could see and feel the passion I have for the area. Those in attendance said they felt that the other candidate’s platforms were vague; not explained well; generic; and (for the incumbents) recycled from past elections, misleading, and insincere. Residents stated that they ARE ready for change! They know that the time IS ripe for CHANGE! I AM ready and willing to help these residents achieve this.

Stay-tuned, so far I have given my platform in a broad view. I will post a more detailed and in-depth view of my platform in the next few days.

Thanks again for your continued support.


David Haywood
YOUR Merritton Ward Candidate.

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