Critically Thinking About Niagara

Hello Everyone,

Time has passed. Batteries are recharged (...well not completely but enough for the moment). The time has come to become engaged and be a meaningful contributor to the Niagara Region. is looking for residents of the Niagara Region to get involved and write stories with THEIR perspective about the area. Do you want to have your voice heard and your opinion listened to? Social media has cemented its place in our everyday lives and has proven to be a relevant avenue to effectively and efficiently contribute our intellectual capital. wants to be the place to help you achieve this. Do you have an idea that could help St.Catharines, Thorold, Niagara Falls or any other municipality within the Niagara Region? Have any thoughts or ideas which could makes the Region safer for local residents? What about sustainable ways to green the area or help those in need?
Again, wants to hear your thoughts. We want to be a forum that helps the Niagara Region and makes a tangible difference in the everyday lives of residents that reside within this small part of Southern Ontario.
Any topic: local or regional; political or social; personal or point of view -WE WANT IT. The time is ripe for critical thinking concerning the region. Balls to the wall. is ready - ARE YOU.

Any topic is welcome. Send your thoughts and ideas to If you know a business that is new to the area, let us know and we will help to promote it to local residents. We want to help the local economy in any way possible.