Hartzel Road Greening

Hello everyone,

The time is approaching for Hartzel Road in Merritton to turn green. The city is turning the road into three lanes (to the equal delight and dismay of local residents) and with this greening initiatives are being considered. Merritton councillor Jeff Burch has expressed his desire to employ the services and thoughts of the St.Catharines Green Committee in this endeavour (which I am Co-Chair along with other Merritton resident Matt Holley). Equally important is involving you, local Merritton residents and businesses, in the planning process. Local stakeholders and their thoughts and opinions are crucial when considering what greening tasks should be undertaken. We are the people who are entrenched and have a vested interest in the improvement of Hartzel Road. We are the ones who live, work, or have businesses in the area. Most importantly, we are the ones that LOVE Merritton and Hartzel Road. A road that is Merritton's main artery and the gateway to the area. We, as Merrittonians, need to express our visions for the greening of Hartzel Road. This is our chance. Ideas need to take into consideration the effective and efficient utilization of the limited space on the edges of the road. Maintenance issues should also be considered. We need to be aware that once the greening takes place that we, as the local stakeholder(s), need to help keep Hartzel Road green. The last thing we need is to do the greening and then let it fall back into disrepair. We need to band together and take an active role with helping Hartzel Road stay green. So, the ball is now rolling -what are your thoughts and opinions. Post them below.


David Haywood