All Candidates Debate

The campaigning is going great! The response from Merritton residents has been positive. THEY ARE READY FOR CHANGE! They want someone who will: seek their input and actually listen; revitalize, clean and green the Merritton community- including the Hartzel Road/Queenston corridor and the Old Welland Canals. They want someone to protect their tax dollars in a fiscally effective and efficient manner. They want sustainable community gardens; affordable public transit - including FULL regional and GO transit; and lastly, they want jobs that will keep them AND their children in the area -FOREVER! I WILL work hard with the other members of city council to help these residents achieve this! I promise.

There will be an all candidate's debate Tuesday, October 5th from 7pm to 9pm, at our good old Merritton High School. Please attend and do not be afraid to show your support.

SPREAD the word to your friends and family about voting for me!

Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth!

Lastly, this Saturday there will be an issue of Merritton Matters in the St.Catharines Standard. Read it and help support the community. Pay attention to the back cover. I know everyone will find it interesting.

David Haywood
YOUR Merritton Ward Candidate


To Cut or not to Cut: The Greening of the City.

The City of St.Catharines would like to increase the tree canopy cover in the area. An issue that I strongly support and have ideas to help achieve.

Currently, trees cover around 15 % of the physical area in the city. The city would like to increase this to around 25%. One way to help reach this goal, is to create a bylaw that would require citizens to obtain a permit BEFORE cutting down trees on their residential property(s).

Keep in mind, the city's main goal is to protect old (100 year +) trees or trees that are unique and/or rare. The city does not want to interfere with property enhancements/renovations. The city will not prevent citizens from trimming or cutting down trees that are a safety risk for a property owner and/or their property.

In this context, I do support this possible bylaw. Other large cities have the same form of bylaw and it HAS helped increase the tree canopy cover in their cities. One of the major goals of my campaign is to help green all areas of St.Catharines - including Hartzel Road/Queenston St. I could group their revitalization into the mix. I could go even FURTHER and included revitalization/rejunivation of the old Welland Canal sites; clean-up and promotion of Centennial Park/Mountain Locks Park, but these other important issues deserve their own postings (or this one would be much longer).

What do YOU think?

Please comment, I want to know where the residents of Merritton stand. I hope this will help with keeping you informed on issues that matter in the area - not only to us but to all residents of St.Catharines as a whole.


David Haywood

Merritton Ward Candidate.


Busy as usual for the St.Catharines Boxing Club

The St. Catharines Boxing Club is heading into the fall season with three boxing events during the next few months. The schedule includes: Canada versus Scotland card that happened this past Saturday, September 18, in the Grandstand Hall at the Beamsville Fairgrounds; a free Canada against Ireland card Sunday, Sept. 26 at the St Catharines Boxing Club at 50 Niagara St. from 1pm to 4:30pm; and, the Ontario Novice Boxing Championships Oct. 1-3 at the Optimist Club on Napier St.

The St.Catharines Boxing Club is a non-profit organization that provides a supportive environment for male and female athletes of all ages who are interested in pursuing competitive and non-competitive boxing training. The clubs atmosphere allows their members to foster discipline, increase athleticism, encourage healthy living, and build a sense of community - something supports for the area.

The hours for the boxing club are:
Monday :5.30pm till 7.30pm
Tuesday: 5.30pm till 7.30pm
Thursday: 5.30pm till 7.30pm
Saturday: Noon till 2pm

Female Boxercise Classes times are:
Monday: 7.30pm-9pm
Tuesday: 7.30pm-9pm
Thursday: 7.30pm-9pm

Waist Management Classes times are:
Wednesday: 6pm-8pm
Saturday: 8am-10am
Sunday: 8am-10am

If interested go down and visit them at: 50 Niagara Street or call Joe at (905)988-1244. You could also visit: or email
Created by David Haywood, Merritton Ward Candidate

Local Dance Studio teams up with new wrestling school

Center is Jenni Linksen and Frank Ryckman (aka Kryss Thorn) would like to welcome a new business to the Hartzel Road area - Frank Ryckman's (aka Kryss Thorn) new wrestling school: TWA Powerhouse. This new local school has teamed up with Jenni Linksen's Backstage Dance School on Hartzel Road with their Grand Opening held last Monday on September 20th, 2010. Jenni Linksen 's school website is; and Frank Ryckman's is Drop by Merritton residents and wish their businesses good luck!

Created by David Haywood, Merritton Ward Candidate. Photo provided by Matt Holley - Merritton resident


I have finally received my election lawn signs. If you live in the Merritton area and would like a sign for your lawn, please email me at or visit my facebook group: Elect David Haywood Merritton Ward Councillor.
As I walk door to door, the growing support only strengthens and motivates me. Thanks to all my family, friends (new and old), and supporters. I could not have done anything without your help. Thank you,
David Haywood
Merritton Ward Candidate
Silent Auction
Jon Radick
Candidate for Regional Councillor was asked by local resident Jon Radick to post his silent auction items to help him raise funds for his campaign. Since this website is open to ALL members of the Merritton community, we are happy to help. Here are the items and contact information:

Interior Detox Or
Exterior Vehicle Detail
Courtesy of Wiley Luxury Brand Auto Inc.
905 680 9990
Call to schedule an appointment
Value: $89 Minimum Bid: $40

$ 50 Dinning Certificate at Montana's
Plus Bold BBQ Sauce (420 mL)
Courtesy of Montana's
327 Lake St. St. Catharines
905 938 7050
Gratuity not incl. Dine in only.
Cannot be combined with any other offer
Value: $55 Minimum Bid: $35

$ 50 Dinning Certificate at Montana's
Plus Apple Butter BBQ Sauce (420 mL)
Courtesy of Montana's
327 Lake St. St. Catharines
905 938 7050
Gratuity not incl. Dine in only.
Cannot be combined with any other offer
Value: $55 Minimum Bid: $35

Saturday Brunch for Two at J.J. Kapps
327 Ontario St., St. Catharines
Courtesy of J.J. Kapps
905 685 3307
Expires March 12, 2011
Value: $30 Minimum Bid: $20

Pasta Bar for Two
at J.J. Kapps
327 Ontario St., St. Catharines
Courtesy of J.J. Kapps
905 685 3307
March 15, 2011
Valid Tuesdays only
Value: $30 Minimum Bid: $20

Sunday Brunch for Two
at J.J. Kapps
327 Ontario St., St. Catharines
Courtesy of J.J. Kapps
905 685 3307
Expires March 13, 2011
Value: $30 Minimum Bid: $30

$50 towards bowling at Parkway Lanes
Courtesy of Parkway Lanes
905 684 8381
Expires March 10, 2011.
Excludes New Year's Eve and Holidays
Value: $50 Minimum Bid: $30

Victorian House print by Joy Evans
Courtesy of Dunn's Bestway Furniture
255 Bunting Rd., St. Catharines
905 684 9414
Value: $325 Minimum $150

Thank you very much !

Jon Radick
Regional Council Candidate
905 687 0232

Who is David Haywood, Merritton Ward Candidate?
A Biographical Timeline

“…I realize that one of the major challenges of my campaign is to get people to have a sense of who I am, how I became this way, and the path that led me on this road. To lead or to represent, is to be trusted…” – David Haywood, Merritton Ward Candidate

As I walk door to door, people ask me about the path that I have traveled to arrive at this point in my life. Well, here it is:

Born July 30th, to Robert and Madelaine Haywood at St.Catharines General Hospital. At the time, I had just an older sister Brandy (born 1976) and an older brother Robert Jr. (born 1978). Parents brought me home to an apartment above my Grandfather and Grandmother Bilodeau’s home (on my mother’s side) in Thorold, on St. David’s Road East.

Parents bought a house three blocks away, in Merritton, on 14 St.Peter Street. I started my elementary school education at Holy Rosary in Thorold.


Parents transferred my sister, brother, and I to the school across the street from our house – Maple Crest Elementary School.

Had my first paying job delivering newspapers for my older brother and sister.

Had my first and only salesman job, walking door to door, selling items out of a Tupperware container – making $1 for every $5 dollars sold.

Graduated Grade 6 at Maple Crest Elementary School and transfer to Burleigh Hill Elementary School for grades 7 and 8. In the summer, my family welcomed a new addition with the arrival of Michelle – a new little sister for my siblings and I. This is the year I had my first laborer job working for Tropical Al’s – a company that does roofing and was owned by my neighbor.

Graduated from Burleigh Hill and start my High School career at Merritton High School. During the summer, my brother and I are shipped to Dunnville to work at Bick’s Pickles – the first factory job for both of us. The good thing about the experience was not only the opportunity to work and live with my Great- grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. Corbett, but also to live with my dad’s mother: my Grandma Haywood. The bad part was that we had to stay in a leaking- rickety tent trailer out in the back yard.

At the beginning of the year, my family welcomed a new (and last) addition with the arrival of Krystal - a new little sister for my siblings and I (Jan 27th). Had the same summer experience as mentioned above - working at Bick’s Pickles. Stop eating pickles for a time that lasts 10 years.

Had first after school job working for 241 Pizza on Hartzel Road - making $5 per hour. In the summer, I start working for Berengaria Farm in Niagara Falls – a job that I stayed at for the next 14 years. My duties: re-planting trees; establishing and maintaining flower/vegetable gardens – including their green house production; and cutting 15 acres worth of grass.

Four days before my 18th Birthday, I decided that I should try living on my own. So, I moved into a one room apartment that was above Mama Rosa’s Pizza on Albert Street in Thorold, with my older brother Robert. It was during this time, that I realized the importance of community gardening from the parents of a couple of friends of mine. Mrs. Taylor (still a Merritton resident) and Mrs. Doucette (now of Thorold) helped me maintain a healthy diet (in a cost effective/efficient way) that included fresh fruits and vegetables from their community gardens. This is an experience that I still remember fondly to this very day!

I met Kerry McKenna – my future wife (November 14th). In the summer, I worked for Peck Roofing as a laborer doing flat roofing. In the winter, I started a job at Tim Horton’s on Hartzel Road – my first customer service opportunity working with the public.

Graduated from Merritton High School and started the Law and Security Administration program at Niagara College. Did not drive and soon realized that Niagara’s Regional Transit system was not effective or efficient. This was because it would take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours for me to travel from St.Catharines to Welland (not including the 3 + bus transfers I would need to take).

Started my first job doing security when I was hired by Cantec Security – working at the Shaw Festival. This was my first experience working steady midnights. I would work 2- 12 hour shifts, and 1 – 14 hour shift.

Started working at General Motors as a Security Guard for Pinkerton’s. Became a third generation General Motors worker – my Grandfather Bilodeau worked at General Motors for 33 years, while my father worked there for 30 years. Became involved with the CAW Local 199 as a health and safely representative ( 1st grass-roots political experience).

Left General Motors for Fallsview Casino Resort in Niagara Falls, for full-time employment. I became involved as a union representative for OPSEU Local 278 (more grass-roots political experience).

Bought the house where I grew up, in Merritton on 14 St. Peter Street, from my parents (who moved across the street). My future wife Kerry graduated from Brock University’s Teachers College.

Considered running for municipal office in the Merritton Ward but was talked out of it by neighbour, family friend, and mentor – former Merritton Ward Councillor Mike Collins. Told by Mr. Collins (who I had helped campaign for office as a youngster) to re-attend post-secondary school and get more political experience (being a union representative). Following his advice, I registered at Brock University - majoring in Political Science and Geography (combined major), and continued working full-time midnights at the casino. My wife, Kerry starts working for the Niagara Catholic District School Board as a teacher.

My wife and I buy an investment property on Northglen Avenue in north St.Catharines.

I married Kerry McKenna on August 9th. We honeymooned on an Alaskan Cruise. We also visit Vancouver, Northern B.C., and the Yukon during our trip –our first ever since we met 10 years previously.

Welcomed addition to my family with the birth of my daughter Morgan McKenna Haywood on May 8th. I decided to seek election, as a representative for the Merritton Ward, during the 2010 St.Catharines’ municipal elections.


- While attending Brock University, I made sure that I took classes that would enable me to be an effective representative for Merritton residents. This includes classes studying:

o Conflict Resolution.
o Public Administration.
o The local economies of Niagara.
o Biogeography (the study of the local eco-system and everything within it).
o Environmental Geographies
o Cultural Geographies
o Quantitative and Qualitative studies of the Niagara Region

- I have written or co-wrote more than 50 pages on how to improve the Niagara Region, specifically ways to improve the Merritton Ward.
- At the same time, I have taken advantage of the educational program offered through OPSEU Local 278 and I am close to completing a labour relations certificate through Mohawk College.

All my studies will be completed in the next 18 months. However, I am a firm believer in continuing education. I know I will continue to educate myself as the need or desire arises.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. As your possible representative in Merritton, I want everyone to feel like you know who and what I am. Comment at the bottom or email me your questions or concerns at Lastly, visit or join me at my facebook group: Elect David Haywood Merritton Ward Councillor.


David Haywood
Merritton Ward Candidate


The Chicken-in-the-back Yard Debate
To cluck or not to cluck is the question gripping the residents of St.Catharines -including the residents of the Merritton Ward. I want to involve the residents of the Merritton Area and hear their opinions on the issue. I will include the position that I currently hold, but I want to hear from both sides on this issue. So far, I have hear from only the "against" side of the debate. Email me at or check my facebook group "Elect David Haywood Merritton Ward Councillor" on the discussion board and send or post your side. One of the main priorities of my campaign is to engage the public more on city issues AND the decisions that are made to rectify these issues. Here is what I have received to date concerning the issue:
The first email:
My name is #$!@ #$#@!, my family lives in the Merritton ward. I received one of your flyers at the parade today. I would like to know what your stance is on the backyard chicken debate.
There is a new by-law being drafted by city council and I'm being told it will be brought up again sometime in November. By that time, if you are elected you will be on that council and have a vote in this matter. Can you let me know if you are for or against the idea of allowing St. Catharines residents to have chickens in their backyards.
My reply:
I thank you for your time. I do understand your concerns. I promise not to use your name. I think it is important to have respectful debate without resorting to personal attacks. Positions need to be tested and examined carefully with an open mind.
I have talked to family members and I have read the articles in the Standard regarding this issue. My family just mentioned is against the issue because of the possibility for people to abuse the by-law. Sanitary issues were also raised. However, I will be honest - I think having chickens (a limited number between 2 or 3) could be beneficial IF PROPERLY taken care of. I do think that the issue needs a closer look. Maybe, there are valid concerns that out-weigh the benefits. Everyone deserves a chance to have their opinions heard - in a respectful environment, free from any personal attacks! This is one of the major goals of my campaign, to have residents more involved in local issues. I have spent the majority of my life in Merritton, living in the house I grew up in (bought from my parents in 2005). I hope that you understand that I only want the best for the area - even if we sometimes are not on the same page with every issue.
The second email I received:
As a long time resident of St. Catharines I am sending this email on behalf of the dozens of neighbors I've spoken to regarding this matter, which is of great concern to us. We are in shock and disbelief that City Council is considering passing a bylaw that allows residents to farm chickens in residential areas.
We think that this is a horrendous idea for the following reasons. Backyard Chickens:
- present public health and hygiene concerns for urban residents, especially young children, the elderly, people with weakened immune systems and people with breathing issues like asthma;
- take business away from local farmers;- attract pests such as rats, mice, raccoons, skunks and coyotes - create friction amongst neighbours due to the presence of noxious odors and noise;- limit the enjoyment of neighbours of their own backyards;
- could result in new burdens, costs and challenges for the Lincoln County Humane Society and,- create a new licensing and bylaw enforcement burden for the city which will not be covered by increased revenue.
- feces increase garbage/recycling, creating an issue with garbage disposal costs and number of allowed bags per family.
- No relevant long term studies have been conducted as to the effects urban chickens will have in St. Catharines, particularly where coyotes and the environment (particularly chicken feces and soil, should people attempt to create fertilizer) are concerned.
We believe that chickens belong on farms, NOT in the backyards of residential properties within city limits. As possible ward councillors, we strongly urge you fully examine our concerns and to take into consideration the consequences that such a bylaw change could have.
^%&%$# *(&^$#
My reply:
Hello &*&%^,
My name is David Haywood. I running in the Merritton Ward during the up-coming elections. I am encouraging residents to debate this issue. Could I post you name and concerns on my websites concerning the chicken issue. I will post it exactly as you sent it to me. I promise, I can remove just your name if you like. I really want to engage the public and have them more involved in city issues.
David Haywood
Merritton Ward Candidate.
Lastly, her reply:
Hello Mr. Haywood,Thank you for your prompt response to my email. Yes, you may use my letter but I'd prefer it if you'd leave out my name. Individuals who are a part of the pro chicken group have been increasingly aggressive and are not above personal attacks, so I'd prefer to limit the harassment as much as possible.Part of my main goal is to make the public aware of this issue, whether they're for or against the bylaw change, so I welcome a debate.You may also be interested in visiting this web page or facebook group (its a public group so you do not need to be a member to view it, only to make comments): or Oppose new by-law for back yard chickens
I encourage anyone on the "for" side to respond. This issue needs to be debated by both sides of the coin. So far, the "against" side has made some very interesting and relevant points to the issue. Please keep checking this site. I will post parts of my platform, with more detail, in the coming weeks. I will add the posts from other residents concerning this issue.
David Haywood
Merritton Ward Candidate.

Labour Day Parade 2010


The 2010 Merritton Parade was a success. The "Vote Haywood" team was well represented with over 30 volunteers participating. Over 2000 information sheets AND over 2000 pieces of candy were handed-out. I personally would like to thank the residents of the Merritton area and my parade volunteers. The event WOULD not have ran so smoothly without you. Please check my facebook group: Elect David Haywood Merritton Ward Councillor. On this site there are more pictures from the parade, kindly provided by Merritton resident and photographer - Matt Holley. Spread the word Merritton residents: the time IS ripe for change in the Merritton Ward.
David Haywood