Merritton, I want to be your voice on St. Catharines City Council!

VOTE for David Haywood as your Representative for the Merritton Ward during the 2014 St. Catharines Municipal Elections on October 27th

David Haywood

Twitter:                    @dave4merritton
Phone:                    (905) 324- 0123


Words from Dave Haywood:

“Making St. Catharines a place where future generations can prosper is extremely important to me. Too many families, younger individuals, and businesses are choosing other municipalities for political, social, and economic opportunities not currently available within our city.  If elected, I will work relentlessly to make St. Catharines a place where my children and future generations will not only succeed, but will spectacularly flourish.  The time is now to RAISE THE BAR as city councilor - please grant me your vote and share in my vision!”

There is a lot of work to be done within St. Catharines socially, economically and politically.

If elected, I will work towards the following goals:

Social Road Map:

·        Work with Panoramic Properties Inc. to ensure that the Old General Hospital site is redeveloped in a sustainable way. A way which follows the smart growth  principals as outlined in the City’s Official Garden City Plan and Official Green Plan
·        Ensure Panoramic honors a planned financial contribution to the city for greening earmarked for the continued restoration and beautification of Centennial Park
·        Increase the city’s tree canopy cover which has sustained serious damage by invasive species during the past few years
·        Continue the beautification of Hartzel Road, Community Park, and their surrounding neighborhoods
·        Work with community groups/organizations to expand local community gardens similar to the one located on Oakdale Avenue (Centennial Park)

Economic Road Map:

·        The City has debt and credit risks set to increase dramatically within the next few years. I will take a leading role to review all city expenditures with the goal of freezing or keeping budgetary increases at or near zero. With stagnant population growth the tax burden on residents cannot continue to increase. Families are struggling financially and need relief!
·        Transit: increased regional and full GO Train transit. We NEED this locally!!! If the employers are not coming to the city, then the City’s residents need access to the employers. We need transit that is affordable, reliable, and sustainable - locally, regionally, and provincially. 

Political Road Map:

City council needs to nurture the current regional/city political relationship. Locally we need to be more active in regional planning from a political standpoint. The current dichotomy which includes sparse city/regional     political engagement which is not helping local residents.  Too many hands in the pot - decreasing political accountability. Regional councillors and city councillors should be on the same page - ALWAYS! Running the city is a full-time endeavor and the time is now to start treating it as such.

A councillor with strong methodological and rational ideals - reinforced through educational pursuits and blended with experience - should be the standard not the exception as a representative of the Merritton Ward. Below are some highlights which I feel will assist me as a City Councillor.

My Education:

In 2006, I went back to school at Brock University. I focused on how a municipality is run - bureaucratically and politically. Additionally, I studied the relationship of St. Catharines with regional, provincial, and federal forces and how these forces influence the day-to-day lives of local residents. 

In 2013, I graduated on the Dean’s list (with distinction) with a combined undergraduate degree in Political Science and Geography.

Notable areas of academic study included:
·        Urban Planning - completed academic research on the City of St.Catharines Official Garden City Plan and Official Green Plan (under the tutelage of retired City of St.Catharines Chief Planner Paul Chapman).
·        Economics - completed academic research on the City’s economy and how it is influenced by different regional, provincial, and federal factors (under the tutelage of Jeff Boggs - a leading academic figure concerning the City’s and Niagara Region’s economies).   

My Experience and Community Service:

·        Supporter and past volunteer of the St.Catharines Boxing Club - working with the youth in the Merritton Area
·        Co-Chair of the St. Catharines Green Committee - a volunteer position appointed by St. Catharines City Council in 2010 (till 2014)
·        Regular Volunteer with local school boards - serving yearly as a honourary judge for the Historical fair; and in numerous schools as the liaison for the St.Catharines Green Committee and their partnership with the NPCA and their Canopy for Kids program
·        Regular Volunteer with the Fresh Air Fund of Niagara - bringing New York State kids to enjoy and experience the natural beauty locally
·        Help administer and run the website - promoting local residents, businesses, and community events.
·        Member of the Merritton Community Group.

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