Merritton City Councillors Missing In Action

The thank you cake provided by the Merritton Community Group
On July 1st, 2012, the Merritton Community Group held a sign dedication ceremony to thank everyone who had helped raise funds for the new Merritton Community sign.  The sign is located west of the entrance to the Keg restaurant on Glendale Avenue in the heart of Merritton.

Those being honoured included Tony and Sheila Morra, The Merritton Community Group, the Merritton Lions and Lioness', and Dr. Thomas Pekar. Another contributor that was to be honoured (but was absent) was City Councillor and Merritton Ward representative Jenny Stevens. Additionally, Merritton's other Ward Representative on City Council, Jeff Birch was also missing in action (M.I.A).

Maybe one or both Merritton Ward Representatives were busy with other events considering it was not only Canada's Day but also the Sunday of the long weekend (calls to their favorite watering holes the Dog Pound - Jenny Stevens; and Player's -Jeff Burch were not successful in locating them). Fortunately, City of St.Catharines Mayor Brian McMullan, who consistently attends almost all events in ALL six wards within the city, was in attendance for this excellent occasion.

Unfortunate and for reasons unknown, both Councillors Stevens and Burch normally do not attend events held by the Merritton Community Group. This is based on my own personal experience during the past two years which I have covered the Merritton Community Group's monthly meetings and open houses. At these events, I have never seen either Councillor Jenny Stevens or Councillor Jeff Burch in attendance. Maybe they were busy planning their annual Fireworks for the Merritton Labour Day Weekend Carnival. Hopefully, both Merritton Ward leaders realize that their attention and attendance at the numerous events held within our wonderful ward is needed more than once a year. Merritton, including all it's residents, businesses, and community groups, do not just wake-up for the labour day weekend to attend the carnival and accompanying fireworks and then hibernate for the rest of the year until the events come rolling around again the following year.
- David Haywood

Those being honoured pose for a picture in front of the Merritton Sign they helped raise funds for.

1 comment:

  1. Very Disappointed in this article.

    As a next Generation, Merrittonian I am sad to see how this article was written.
    I am very Proud to live in such a great community with amazing people stepping
    up to each and every challenge that has presented itself over the years.

    As a Community, we have been able to accomplish more then most in the area,
    and that is with Help from Everyone...Not just certain people or groups.

    All Merrittonians work together as a whole, creating Community Pride and
    acheiving huge successes, like the "Welcome to Merritton Sign"

    Merrittonians are a Team, and as I was taught from the Merritton Athletic Association, there is no "I" in
    Team. As long as everyone contributes, then We Win as a TEAM.

    As a Community Group, trying to better the Place we live, I would hope that you are putting as much efforts
    into getting membership and keeping the group alive, as you are criticising the people who have donated
    their time and efforts, EVERYDAY, to the Same ideals that you have:
    "Making Merritton a Better Town & keeping the Spirit Alive"

    Mr Haywood and the Merritton Community Group Team, please stay on the positive side of your
    Efforts & Continue to work Together, hand in hand, with all Merrittonians as a TEAM

    Thanks & I look forward to working with you Soon!

    Lion Doug Schroeder,
    Proud Merrittonian