All Candidates Debate

The campaigning is going great! The response from Merritton residents has been positive. THEY ARE READY FOR CHANGE! They want someone who will: seek their input and actually listen; revitalize, clean and green the Merritton community- including the Hartzel Road/Queenston corridor and the Old Welland Canals. They want someone to protect their tax dollars in a fiscally effective and efficient manner. They want sustainable community gardens; affordable public transit - including FULL regional and GO transit; and lastly, they want jobs that will keep them AND their children in the area -FOREVER! I WILL work hard with the other members of city council to help these residents achieve this! I promise.

There will be an all candidate's debate Tuesday, October 5th from 7pm to 9pm, at our good old Merritton High School. Please attend and do not be afraid to show your support.

SPREAD the word to your friends and family about voting for me!

Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth!

Lastly, this Saturday there will be an issue of Merritton Matters in the St.Catharines Standard. Read it and help support the community. Pay attention to the back cover. I know everyone will find it interesting.

David Haywood
YOUR Merritton Ward Candidate

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