David Haywood

The time is ripe for change Merritton, and I want to be your voice on St. Catharines City Council!

David Haywood
Merritton Ward Candidate
(905) 324- 0123
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 “I believe that the next four years are crucial for the Merritton Ward. Years of high unemployment and business closings have been felt by the residents of the area. If elected, I promise to increase resident participation in all major city initiatives and decision-making processes. I will push fellow city councilors to review all current and future city expenditures to ensure that tax payers’ money is spent effectively and efficiently- without cutting vital social services. Lastly, I will help the city develop and implement a long-term fiscally sustainable road map for a prosperous future- par­ticularly for the residents of the Merritton area.”    
— David Haywood
A little about me... 

  • Born and raised a resident of the Merritton Ward
  • Have volunteered with the St. Catharines Boxing Club, the Niagara Catholic District School Board, Fallsview Casino Cares Foundation, and other local organizations.
  • Married to high school sweetheart and current teacher for the Niagara Catholic District School Board, Kerry Haywood
  • Currently employed by Fallsview Casino Resort as a full-time security officer and shift investigator
  • Union representative (over 10 years' experience) with the CAW Local 199 and OPSEU Local 278
  • Studied political science and public administration at Brock University 

On October 25th, 2010, vote David Haywood to St.Catharines City Council as a representative for the Merritton Ward.
  For more information about the 2010 St. Catharines elections, including advanced voting and voting locations, visit: under 2010 elections.


  1. Trying to post again - got an error the last time.

    Wondering where a link is to your position on issues affecting the whole city. Like bike lanes and urban farming?

  2. Dear Mrs. B

    I will be posting my platform and ideas for the city little by little everyday. However, I can give you an idea on where I stand on these two issues.

    I am FOR a more pedestrian-friendly city. What I feel about bike lanes is that they should be installed on streets that can support them.

    What I mean by "support them" I will post in the coming weeks.

    I am FOR increasing Urban Farming.

    I would like to see a community vegetable/fruit garden in any city park that can support one. This includes ideas on how to make these parks sustainable in a fiscally effective/efficient way.

    I would like to see the city increase the area's tree canopy cover. I have ideas on how to do this in a cost efficient way.

    Lastly, I will lobby to have the city start a "Kids feeding Kids" program through local schools that is both educational AND helps people eat fresh fruits and vegetables. These items will be free (or close to free) for the families of the school's students.

    In the days to come, I will post more details about these two issues; along with my other ideas for Merritton. Please stay tuned.

    David Haywood
    Merritton Ward Candidate

  3. And chickens?

    Is rolling out your platform in bits the best way to do this? You are expecting people to return to this site over and over to see the next thing you stand for. Other candidates are putting it all out there so people can be informed now and take time to make their decision.

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    I have people working on my campaign. However, I want to PERSONALLY talk to people about what THEY want. This is one of the major goals of my campaign.

    All major parts of my campaign are out in public or will be in the next week - including in the up-coming issue of Merritton Matters.

    When I walk door-to door (and I will reach every house - PERSONALLY) I tell people what ideas I have AND ask for theirs. They want to be listened to. Plus, I have answered every email sent my way. If you read the materials on this site you should have a firm idea about what I stand for.

    As for other candidates, I HAVE NOT heard ANY part of their campaign(s) or any new idea(s) that are part of their platform(s), stated publicly at ALL. Not even on their websites.

    Thanks for your comment,

    David Haywood
    Merritton Ward Candidate.

  5. Thanks for clearing that up. Comments like that help people form a decision about you. Using CAPITAL letters helps give a sense of what you're like too.

    So, what about chickens?

  6. Dear Anonymous,

    I appreciate your comments. I used capital letters because I wanted the passion that I have for the Merritton area to shine through. I have excellent ideas and want the best for the area. I have not heard any details about other candidate's platforms at all - that is the truth. Ideas and thoughts should be debated in order to reinforce the ideas or to disprove them.
    I am looking forward for the chance to debate my ideas with the other candidates.

    Lastly, if you read my post on chickens you will know where I stand on the issue.

    David Haywood
    Merritton Ward Candidate