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  1. can you please explain the logic of the inability to have a palliative care doctor or nurse practitioner come to the house for a terminally ill patient simply because we live in Merritton (south st. cath). North St.Catharines has the availability of both. The palliative care nurses that come to do care, have their hands tied when it comes to medicine changes or adjustments. The patient suffers, sometimes for days, while phone tag is played between nurses, doctors offices and pharmacists. It is horrific!!

  2. Well a splash pad would be very nice to have in our community as well as fixing up valley view park. Half the park is run down. Sometimes it's just hard to get the weeds cut down that are waist high. The tennis courts, basketball courts need a little love. Forget have a major community pool built, not everyone can get there. It takes away from knowing your neighbor and the kids in your area. It's always good to know who is who, especially when strangers are lurking around.