Words from a Fresh Air Fund host family.

     This summer will be our 7th year with our Fresh Air son!!!  What started out as a slightly awkward first meeting has turned into a very special relationship.  We have done many things during Armani's visits, but I know that it is just being together that is the best part.  The boys feel like brothers (and act like it too)!  

     In fact, everyone was so happy together, that we arranged to have extra long visits for the past 3 summers........the Fresh Air Fund made it work.  This summer I will have 3 teenagers in the house!! As much as I know that we have had a positive influence on Armani, knowing him has changed our lives also, for the better.

Kathy McBride (Host Mom)
St. Catharines  

The Tosse-McBride Family.


Simple Things

     Imagine not being able to walk barefoot through the grass, go on a picnic, or gaze up at the stars.  It is these simple things that make the Fresh Air Fund experiences so incredible!  

     The Fresh Air Fund is a non-profit organization out of New York City that provides summer vacations to inner city kids and has been serving children since 1877.

     We are looking for families willing to open their homes and their hearts to a child in need of a break this summer from the hot, noisy city.
Our trip dates for Summer 2014 are:
July 21 - August 5 and August 12 - August 22

If you are interested in becoming a host and would like more information please visit or email